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Nowhere Catastrophe
Year Zero Lyrics

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Haunted Its whatbyou do Its wht u c I no if am haunting…

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Best example unless anyone can correct me is Ancient Aliens, seasons 100+++?? but in particular the annoying omnipresent dunning-kruger example weirdo with charisma only submissive old women could enjoy - a true story there with older friend who is in love with D'Orgiio who's under half her age and KNOW she "thinks about him" because she tells me so while laughing cause I predictably get disgusted and cant help but laugh too. And no. She is no love interest. Too old for me but has heart of a saint, except for Georgio.

Like the bible famously says: "Ye shall know him by sight" lolz its that dude georgio with expertise in alien hairdos, sea shells, starbucks free drink specials, .25 cent beer nights and ancient temples that 1 day were built by gods or demons, next by giant ants, next, dinosaurs, the next day built by lizard men, the next, we humans working with and without lizards, next, built by molemen, next, by giants, next, the nephlim, next, earlier civs, next its time travelers, next? himself as a spiritual out of body yoga or hindi master, next, we're trapped inside a black hole, next, we're trapped on edge of special solar rays that prevent something or countless other ideas as good as the next and it's all the biggest let down of all; ever in the way they present it. Yes, get nuts to explain it to us, put up fake credentials like theyre somebody and brilliant. it must be true! Reminds me of a Discovery Channel show I watched for 2-4 seasons, it was awhile back before saying true goodbye to cable and reg tv like now.

The show Alaskan Bush People originally was: "everything you see is 1000+% true" which I could clearly see was a lie from day one with many reasons but everyone bought it. They wanted to believe it.

Then Discovery forcibly admitted to world news and in the credits "everything you see on ABP is fake, for entertainment purposes only, it's 1000+% false" after actors getting n all kinds of real trouble, scandals, irs issues with people demanding answers how can they do that if trapped in alaska?

"For entertainment purposes only"

That is a direct quote and makes me angry at the people they duped only to get them to watch the sponsor's commercials (who funded the show and in essence, owns it) was "for entertainment purposes only".

So to ** with both History & Discovery.

Growing up those were channels I enjoyed (if lucky to see, didn't have cable or anything) watching for educational and entertainment purposes. Now that its entertainment only, not so sure I'd agree with letting my kids watch without viewing it first.

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Pine Forest

What’s interesting about Noah’s flood is that this great flood myth is found in so many different stories from different cultures.



Genesis 9:11
Yes, I establish my covenant (promise) with you: Never again will all flesh be destroyed by the waters of a flood, and never again will a flood bring the earth to ruin.

Genesis 9:13
I put my rainbow in the cloud, and it will serve as a sign of the covenant (promise) between me and the earth


it is not a myth. I have God's Word as proof which is all the proof I need, because I have the Lord's supernatural faith from Jesus Christ which goes beyond human understanding or logic. The burden of proof belongs to the unbelievers to prove that the bible is not true. Good luck with that one !! who knows you might become saved in the process !!


you mean "myth."


@Southern Grits In the Bible Genises 9:9-11 says he gave us that 🌈 as a promise he'll never flood the whole world again.

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Almost all cultures have flood stories.
Looking at my 37 years on earth, I can see why.
Floods are quite common globally. Heck, we saw two massive tsunamis in the early 21st century.


Almost all ancient cultures live either in flood plains or along major bodies of water that have higher chances of flooding.


It’s incredibly interesting like for the west coast of America the native people had a story of mythical being fighting creating shaking and a massive wave turns out it was the cascadia. My favorite theory on Noah’s flood is the theory it came form a comet

Ethan Weeter

Multiple massive volcanoes in the 19th Century.

Central Maine

There are places near the sea right now that are below sea level that the ocean hasnt reached yet; a portion of northern Egypt, Death Valley California. I thought they were going to talk about those places and whether they could turn into another Black Sea, but instead, they just finished it off with the glaciers melting and sea levels rising, which we hear about everyday in the news, and we already know.

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