Kiss The Rain
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Syntia Barbara

this is the first song my boyfriend played for me, he said something like this song makes him remember all the good things happened in his life. then he said something like (as i remember):
"we can't always meet (bc we're live on different city, and fyi 2 years later he moved to another country) so everytime you miss me just listen to this song, this song has a deep meaning for me, so i believe it will do for you too", while he was playing his piano beside me. he just smile and then i remember he said something like: "i will remember this time for the rest of my life, i think this is the best thing happened in my life so far. i will remember this and everytime i miss you i'll play this song and imagining you sit beside me," and things like that.
i found it so cringe and cheesy that time and i just hit him because of it. then, 2 years later he moved to another country and a couple months he been there, after went in a video call with me, he suddenly disappeared. then about a month later i found out that he was actually dead. his brother told me he was hit by a car, i think it was after we ended our vidcall.
at first i felt nothing, but a week later, when i realized no more messages or calls from him, it finally hit me, that he's gone forever. i was dead inside until i brought myself to hear this song again after his dead, and for real, all he said back then literally happened.
i heard this song with earphone and closed my eyes, and i really can feel it. i could feel him beside me, i can feel that the song was played by him, his smiling face showed up in my mind, and all the cringy cheesy things he said that day about the songs, really like a video that keep playing on my head, and i don't find it cheesy again ever since. even until now, i still can feel it.
today, almost 3 years after his death, while i typing this comment and listening to this song, im still tearing up. i can see him smiling everytime i hear this song and i realized how much i love & miss him. he's the reason i started to love myself, started to be a brighter person, started to open up my heart to people. and i don't know, i think he also the reason i can't open it up for other person again.
that person, who never leave my mind, and will always have a special part in my heart; that person who loves me with all his might when i forget to love myself; its been 5 years, and i still in love with him, and i miss him so much, AS.

first of all, im so sorry but i dont have any intention to seek for attention or whatever. i kept this for myself for long cuz the first time i told about it to my friend, she didnt believe me, she said im mad that im making things. but why tf should i making somethings about this? i just want to let it out. i also hope this is fake, but sadly it's not. i hate my life too so, yeah.
i watched this once in a while and read all the comment, thank you so muchh 💙


I F**KING Despise my life so much.
I lost my view on life when I entered middle school when I was only TEN!
I've been on medication since I was ELEVEN
I was cyber-bullied constantly when I was only TWELVE
I've taken games, the internet, moving houses and anxiety very seriously since I was THIRTEEN
My Depression kicked in when I turned FOURTEEN

And as of now, I'm becoming more and more hopeless and drained ever since the pandemic started, And I'm starting to believe it won't end for a VERY long time.
I Don't know what to do anymore, My family and doctors are becoming more worried for me and 2021 (so far) is becoming my worst enemy.

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Usagi Is Lost

Who's still enjoying this beautiful song in 2020?

liang jiaming



no 2021



jilong GAMING

Bang itu bahasa mana aku gak tau

Maria Nagy


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Handika Ramadhan

Don't lie, you never found this in Recomendation

Adrian Reformado

Nah it is tge first recommended today.

Mawar Cangmi


Handika Ramadhan

@aerihun94 aowkaowkaok indo nieh bous

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