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Ahmad Same

best piano ever

marian magdy

@Hitomi Ng zhi swen À

Hitomi Ng zhi swen

Totally agreed with this love this so muchh


It's funny how the same song can either make you happy or sad depending on where you are in life.

lee john Siebritz

I actually feel that it is more nostalgic and melancholic than happy. When I first heard this song in Korea it took me back to my childhood memories that were happy but I became extremely sad because the people whom I shared those memories no longer exist in this world but in my heart so it is still very much heartbreaking to listen to this song... But it is extremely beautiful

Alex Nguyen

@Mario Diaz Thats what you think she said lol

Claudia Troisi



So true



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Tae Ragland

This is why the piano is my favorite instrument. When you play it, you don't need singing, the piano does it with its beautiful melody. Perfection.

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