Love Me
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It's funny how the same song can either make you happy or sad depending on where you are in life.


Indeed ! So true ☺️


This makes me really sad even though I am doing great in my life.

Mazeeno Urek

couldn't agree more

a person

Brings back poignant memories

Brian Cheng

90% of the time, it will be sad.

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Tae Ragland

This is why the piano is my favorite instrument. When you play it, you don't need singing, the piano does it with its beautiful melody. Perfection.


Omega Hakim They're only acknowledging the piano it's not like they forgot every other instrument existed. Try reading the comment section and learn basic comprehension you fucktard.

Joonsoo Shin

I play piano and I feel like that everyday when I play piano.;)


@Omega Hakim I can tell that when you posted this comment you were very upset and full of hatred. All I can say is that I hope you are better now.

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