Passing By
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It's funny how we always want things that we don't deserve. We tend to be jealous on what others have. Even if we get a new thing, we tend to want more, better, and better. We are then taking things' granted. Instead, we should look back on the things we wanted in the past, and have it in present. Be grateful. What we have is enough. Because, we can't even measure what is enough, we are just greedy human beings that can never be satisfied. Earning gratitude is not easy, and that is what we actually need. Because if not, even with massive golds, you will never feel enough.


Went to his concert in Hollywood.
He said he wrote this song when his father-in-law passed away.
After hearing that, this song has a whole new meaning to it.

Ho Vu

I was at his recital in Washington DC, and he disclosed the story behind this song. It became so much more beautiful than it already was. Thank you for sharing!

thanh le



wow i didnt know. this song is so beautiful regardless.


Yeah, I've always felt he had a bad past and future while hearing is songs, they seem so saddening. I feel very bad for him.


I really felt for him when he said that.
It was crazy watching the crowd cheer for him when he played kiss the rain too

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i’m your sunflower

lagi-lagi nana mempertemukanku dengan lagu-lagu yang belum perang aku dengarkan😊🍃

xxxibgd 24

Yang kemari cuma buat ost wattpad dear'J Ayo berpelukan, aku jatuh banget baca nya sumpah...

Nasya Avrilla

Aku cuma baca dear j kesatu, gaberani baca sampe akhir:(

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