Passing By
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Alice N Asgard

Passing By

As time flies
It feels like I am only passing by
Like the soft blowing wind outside
It feels like I'm merely passing by

Like gentle Autumn rain
Falling from the sky
The tears that fall are just passing by
Kaleidoscope bright shapes and lights
Perhaps they cannot keep from passing by

So many things in the past
Should I have really said goodbye
To all the things that were passing me by?
If they were even worth a try
Then I let life pass me by
Like the fallen snow
The cinders of a fire's final glow
Why do all nice things pass me by?

Like a stream, I wonder where it goes
I cannot change when or how it flows
It keeps passing by
To sink or swim it keeps on passing by
Stuck in the currents, adrift on the tide
It carries me and I'm just passing by

Like falling leaves
Wither away and dry
The years go fast and simply pass me by
Yet another cold, harsh winter is nigh
And it, too, shall pass me by

So many things I wish to do
But from this doubt I get no bligh
Now all the things I want are passing by
This storm welling up inside
I must let go
And let the tempest take me fro
A dream, a time, a place that I don't know
It's there I'll pass everything by

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Dayang Ainzaitullislam


Khalila bilqis

Omg me

Atika Nur hasanah

it's too hurt me T_T

Anni Mudrikaturrohmah


Huda Insyirah

Just now 🥺😭🤧im not stronggg

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Went to his concert in Hollywood.
He said he wrote this song when his father-in-law passed away.
After hearing that, this song has a whole new meaning to it.

Ho Vu

I was at his recital in Washington DC, and he disclosed the story behind this song. It became so much more beautiful than it already was. Thank you for sharing!

thanh le



wow i didnt know. this song is so beautiful regardless.

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