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Time Forgets...
Yiruma Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yiruma:

I Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
If I Could See You Again If only I could see you once again. Maybe then, I…
Just For A While INSTRUMENTAL Shigani ureul jinachodo Byeonhaji ankechi Jams…
Kiss The Rain [Verse 1:] I oft…
River Flows In You Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
Wait There sebab hariku begitu panjang karna mengenalmu bukan hanya sek…

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Comments from YouTube:

Nate Ludwig

A lone soul walks through a white forest. Icy as his frozen heart, he sees his memories still frozen in place. Though much time has passed. And many season have gone by, his soul still bleeds for her every step he takes. He hopes that like the seasons change that his wounds will heal. He hopes that he may one day forget. Perhaps one day he can free himself from his icy past, So that he can leave his pain behind still frozen in those golden memories. But he needs to know that time keeps on moving, and so must he.

Weston Trent

@Vincent Julio awesome! Took like 20 mins but it reallyworked!

Vincent Julio

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Safari Net

Damn, speechless

Melodii frumoase A

Times never forgets!😥

Jasime Ahmed

Wow, these words for some reason got to me. Thanks


Yiruma just blows my mind. NEVER have I encountered music that tells you a whole, deeply emotional, gripping story without a single word. UNBELIEVABLE, he has a one-in-a-billion gift that was truly given by the one and only GOD. His music just grips me and makes me want to fall on my knees and worship God, because of its beauty.

Vicki Donnelly

...this one has me in tears that I have not cried in a very long time. 

Chase Z



Vicki Wong Are you ok now?

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