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Yiruma Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yiruma:

I Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
If I Could See You Again If only I could see you once again. Maybe then, I…
Just For A While INSTRUMENTAL Shigani ureul jinachodo Byeonhaji ankechi Jams…
Kiss The Rain [Verse 1:] I oft…
River Flows In You Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
Wait There sebab hariku begitu panjang karna mengenalmu bukan hanya sek…

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Comments from YouTube:


LOL, I've been calling it the reminiscent version for so long and i thought no one knew what it was. But then now I know it's called the 10th anniversary version, and, well i'm the one who didn't know. thanks for this, i really enjoy listening to this song. I'm just trying to fix a couple of, well not mistakes on this version, but im trying to fix some things that i wanna play better, and with the exact notes from the actual version..


@SC Piano Music thank you so much :)

SC Piano Music

Thanks for your comment, and good luck for your practice!!

Dorian TKD

Well done but should be more beautiful with more flowing 😁

SC Piano Music

Thank you, and yes you're right!

Tophu PianoFX

Beautifully played! I enjoyed listening to your performance. Have a great day!😊👏🎶

SC Piano Music

Thank you so much Tophu PianoFX, hope you have a great day too!

a human

hey did you use a pedal?

SC Piano Music

Hello, yes, I used the sustain pedal.