Yo Gotti feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

[Chorus: x6]
Women lie, men lie
Women lie, men lie
Women lie, men lie
Numbers don't lie!

Ay, step up in the party and them bad bitches be on me
I be sippin' on Patron when I'm jumpin' out Ferrari's
I be rockin' Gucci sometime Louie, I'm retarded
And dem rims by Asanti But the shades by Bulgari
Hand on my scrap I got my mind on my money
I got my mind on dine and he ain't takin' nothing from me
Hand is on this choppa tek
Hand is on this choppa tek
Hand is on a hundred round cause thats how much the choppa shoot
Ballin' is my hobby got a hundred goons shoppin'
Gotta 5 star with me and i met her in the lobby
Took her to the room, she hit me wit' that line
Said she ain't that type of girl so I told her stop lyin'

[Chorus: x6]

Young money!
OK, I ain't gotta lie, cross my heart hope to die,
If numbers don't lie, G-5 over sky,
I fucked her pussy good, make her cry if I tried,
I'm tired of being sick and I'm sick of being tired,
Tired of these niggas and tired of these bitches,
Shit let 'em lie as long as they ain't snitching,
And men lie about women,
And shit women lie about plenty, huh
They ain't lying on me I'm in the bed with 2 fine bitches lying on me,
So that would make 3 and numbers don't lie,
And money don't lie,
And neither do I,


(the numbers don't lie, the the numbers don't lie)

I'm tryin' to count to a billion, my bitch Brazilian
Hop in that Lamb, push the button, lose the ceiling
Sun out no rain drops, postin' the same spot
Right here in North, North Memphis
Where I came from
Hundred on the neck, I ain't never had shit
The streets gave me family, Barry White cut the check
Ain't no secret in the streets, niggas know I got next
Got the swagger through the roof, I was born just to flex
Zip code on my wrist, phone number in the bank
In my ten til six with my 3-0-5 paint
I got my 3-5-7 and my 5-0-1's
In a Lear 55 wit' my Air Force One's (no lie)


Ay it's yo boy yo gotti
(Say what you want but the numbers don't lie)

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Comments from YouTube:

Major Deshonte

Who here in 2020
Me: OK just me then

House of Matrix

Came here randomly

Sootier Power


Aura Gomez

Same. Quarantine got me reminiscing โ€” almost forget bout this gem.

f hoe

I can tell u I'm in here

Rian Gomie

Damn they brought this to my mind with the 69 meek mill beef. I was 14 when I heard this. Throwback!

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Lajan YT

Let them lie as long they ain't snitching, well said wayne ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚


Exactly pick and choose your battles; can't lose that snitching battle; cant let em do that.

Sha'mir Brown

Real shit

Sammy Phantom

Snitching is telling the truth so if they are lying that inherently means they not snitching

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