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Everybody Wants To Be Loved
Yoke Lore Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Everybody Wants To Be Loved' by these artists:

Venus When I was Sixteen, I could do anything it was so…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yoke Lore:

Beige I don't wanna see you smile I want you in the…
Chin Up Your feelings, they arrest you The tragic day will bless you…
Cut and Run I'll be the end of your affinity to cut and…
Dead Ringer I'll sleep when I'm older And I'll die when I'm done When…
Goodpain We know where all the red ferns grow Two feet against…
Heavy Love I'll give you mine, all my bends are for her…
Hold Me Down My demons are begging me to open up my mouth I…
Level Tools Hold me, don't let light in through the cracks in…
Only You You forgot how to love, I'll remind you Leave this city…
SAFETY You are as perfect as all the seven days of…
Snowday I was right where you found me You were kneeling behind…
World Wings Hold it back, getting older, I'm not so sung Screaming the…

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Comments from YouTube:


He is SO weird

I like it

The Limerence Channel

This is how everyone should dance.

Vj Cj

Definitely right! 😂😂😂




I’m so addicted to this song

Doe Zee

I can’t understand why Yoke hasn’t fully blown up yet. He is a treasure to this earth 💙

Madison Hamil

Hey Adrian, I know you may never see this. But from the bottom of my heart i want to thank you for sharing what is Yoke Lore with all of us, and for sharing all of the beautiful heartfelt masterpieces that are every single song. I saw Yoke Lore for the first time 6 months ago at the Songbyrd Cafe in DC right up front with a girl who means the world to me. The night remains to be one of the most magical experiences that I have ever had with live music, and left me feeling inspired. Your music has carried me through some really difficult times and reminds me to let loose and just dance in times of troubles. It makes me feel free, and at peace. True music, with genuity and passion. Thank you so much for this art. Keep going, we believe in you


If this song isn't my most listened to song on spotify of the year 2019 I do not know what will

Audrey Perez

Happy to find you in Spotify 🥺 I’m lucky to listen to you

Peter Homer Silud

this is how i dance to yoke's when no one is watching

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