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Hope Its Not a Deposit Bottle
by You Blew It!

Find myself a city to live in.
The seasons are changing and I'm glaring at the night no matter where I'm staying.
And the city sleeps while it's dark in the daytime and leaves are dying in this ghost town.

Contributed by Madison N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

You Blew It

you blew it was in a transitional phase. we were in band puberty. much like real puberty, we were also pretty smelly at this point.


Loved this phase!


YES! so glad this is up :3

Jack Smith

I didnt really like the lyrics but the guitar was awesome!

steven warner

Guitar was amazing


@andreas6298 I like!


oh dear...


the guitarist on the left looks like wally from leave it to beaver

Austin Riddle

I thought Tanner (the guy on the right) was vocalist?


sorry bud but ya blew it capiche?

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