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The Fifties
by You Blew It!

We have lyrics for these tracks by You Blew It!:

A Different Kind Of Kindling I'll find solace in anything that isn't this I guess I…
Award Of The Year Award There is a pain in my chest A knot I've pretended…
Better To Best Okay, I'll admit it This past year I've been kind of…
Gray Matter I know you don't have problems Expressing your opinions B…
Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle! Find myself a city to live in. The seasons are changing…
Hope Its Not a Deposit Bottle Find myself a city to live in. The seasons are changing…
House Address I'm a clenched fist distorted and clutching hope beneath …
Kevin You're Such a Disease Why can't I just let things go where I'm standing…
Match & Tinder Don't take this the wrong way I know you can't relate…
Regional Dialect Hey man, let's start from the top, Because clearly you won'…
Rock Springs Clearly, today is missing the point because it's nowhere c…
Saddle up San Antonio At the start of the day, you're just young words…
Sneaky Fucking Russian When was the last time I saw your face, the…
Strong Island I'm not sure what I'm blaming you for but it's probably…
You & Me & Me If I had your audacity I'd rearrange my words more than…

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Comments from YouTube:


"i just think that it's about time that i stopped
falling for every beautiful set of brown eyes
just like your brown eyes"


Jorge Arturo Tovar

The album cover is amazing. It's so simple, but, I don't know. Looking at it makes me feel sad. It's an old, lovely picture.
These guys are great. I love this song.

Jorge Arturo Tovar

turtlesinabox You are right... That's the feeling.


seems very promise ring influenced, this song at least.


Why is this band not more popular, they are so good!


just, like your brown eyes.

Topshelf Records

Just the week?!


its not that i lied, its just so hard to say that i tried

Musa Z.

The feels I get when I hear this song man. Speechless.

emi K

hey i love u u made me cry

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