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Nowhere To Run To
You Love Her Coz She's Dead Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Nowhere To Run To' by these artists:

Roy Harper I'm a rabbit on fire On fire with mascared eyes I'm a…

We have lyrics for these tracks by You Love Her Coz She's Dead:

Be Brave The pain, the pain Let me feel the pain Be brave Be brave Th…
Blinded All ready! Blinded Now we're blinded by A fraction of light…
Blood Lust Master Darque's got evil schemes What do you live for…
Dead End You can read me like a paperback baby Got bright lights…
Leap of Desire I We speak the language of a lost empire To a sick…
Legacy I tried to die but, I tried to die but, I tried…
ME VERSUS YOU I never thought it could be this way I never knew…
Sunday Best Laying to rest My Sunday best Calling you up On an empty thr…
Superheroes When dawn breaks, see it in your eyes This seems fake,…
This Is a Raid We used to love until the love turned bad When the…
Young Tender Hearts Beat Fast My bedroom Your bedroom We hide out so no one sees the yo…

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Comments from YouTube:


the greatest example of completely overlooked and underrated greatness. I wouldve love to dance my ass off to YLHCSD with hundreds of other people at a show.

anthony rodriguez

I'm seriously in love with this group.
I don't think I've found a song from them I don't like.
This album cover is my background on my phone.
I guess you can say I'm obsessed. 


what an amazing band, thank you SKINS.<3


J'aime, c'est magnifique. ♥
I love, this is amazing. ♥


@Marc-André Szandor le style n'est pas vraiment pareil mais je l'aime aussi

Marc-André Szandor

Je suis 4 ans en retard mais si tu aime encore ce style de musique tu devrais definitivement écouté Sexy Sushi ces comme du crystal castlen/ylhcsd français :)


Ahh thank you very much! :'D ♥

You Love Her Coz She's Dead

Your hair is amazing

Miguel Portugal Monroy

I almost love this, like I love Crystal Castles :D

Mathieu PAGLIA

They were better

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