Shooting Star
Young Boss Lyrics

I love just who you are
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are my shooting star
That's why you are my favorite

Yeah, uh huh, okay, uh
I caught her when she fell from heaven
1 to 10 baby girl's an 11
And I ain't trynna spit no game
But i'm trynna figure out from where you came
Because a star like her man it rarely occurs
In a world like this
Only way you ever meet a girl like this
Get up in a spaceship and take that trip
You gotta have a way with words
To even start a convo to get at her
Every other chick becomes a blur
Be my Mrs. i'll Be your Sr.
I love her the way she is the way she are
My shooting star
And i pray that you never change
Never ever change
Please stay the same cuz

I love just who you are
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are my shooting star
That's why you are my favorite

Uh, and she fits me like a glove (glove)
Don't even go to the club
Can't get popped in the tub
Either i'm sprung or i'm in love
She's jill to my jack with no relation
Like em brown, yellow, puerto rican, or asian
When she walk by, them chicks be hatin'
When i ride by, be steady waitin like
Bye, bye all you girls
Get me a chick from another world
Don't want diamonds and she don't want pearls
She could get it cuz she's my girl
Yeah, but am i dreamin?
If it ain't her world then she might be leavin'
But i ain't gon let that ruin her evening (lets ride)
And get to proceed and proceedin, this evening


Now as i lay her down to sleep
Pray to my lord this girl i keep
Usually by now with a wedding creep
With a PYT that i met last week
But it's something about this one
That make me not have to go get none
And the same thing back so it makes us one
12 in the morning when i roll over
Pray that she's there at my arm and shoulder
And i could be your blanket when the world gets colder
Watch me mink her, watch me mold her
She got me open like my doors ajar
Heartbeat fast like a stolen car
I never thought it would go this far
The night i wished on a shooting star


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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Williams

The sad thing is that this is a great song that cant be found anywhere, not itunes, amazon, google play, free music apps. All you find is party rock remix or pitbull remix. Its unfortunate

Monkey Dutch

I spent 8 years looking for this song thinking it was shinging star.... Shooting star.... I have one word off while singing it but Google couldnt find it. Love this song. My college days... I think I myspaced this guy and told him this song was amazing.

Laila Seraj

ah brings back memories, btw the remix sucks....stick to the original ppl

Rich Rich

I met my girl back in high school around this time when this song came out. We're still together and engaged till this day. This song has so much memories. ❤️ time goes by fast. Enjoy life 😎


I dedicated this to my girlfriend.

Local African

Damn I remember freshman year of high school playing this for the girls when it was hot lol. 


Read what I wrote first, memoz12.


My best friend dedicated this song to me... But we aren't friends anymore... /: But i still love this song even though it makes me cry xD

Amy Richardson

I love songs like these

Alvaro Davila

2008 golden year

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