By The Way
Young Jeezy Lyrics

Just call me young nigga
Our money grown doe
By the way
Lets go yeah
You already know what time it is lets go

I said I'm young by the way
The one by the way
I ain't trippin'
I just do this shit for fun by the way
The truth by the way
The proof by the way
Mr. front up on me
Know I'm gonna shoot by the way
I said it's on by the way
I'm in the zone by the way
And You can call me
Mr. get em gone by the way
I did it by the way
I was with it by the way
I talk it like I did it
Cause I lived it by the way

[Verse 1]
Young, the boy might go nuts
Holes in niggas just like donuts
Creme be crispy these niggas cant hear me
Must be the wrong size
Cause these niggas cant fit me
Never let em play me
Never let em bullshit me
If they ever bullshit me
Send the coroner to get me
And when the coroner come to get me
I'ma take you pussy's with me
And I ain't trustin' 12 shots
No I keep them choppers with me
And I don't trust you from a ??
Gotta keep them shottas with me
Cant let the goons get bored
Gotta keep them niggas busy
And I ain't trustin' nobody
So I took my money with
Cause last time they got me, get me


[Verse 2]
Stay on it by the way
I want it by the way
Take it to your mommas momma house
Where everybody stay
Where everybody sleep
Leave everybody sleep
Have a baby by who
Thats everybody freak
Baby like a dry cleaner
Seen everybody's sheets
Take em straight to the hood
Then everybody eat
They went down, I went down
Now everybody cheap
Or should I say cheaper
Or maybe ever lower
You niggas gettin' this shit
Should I talk any slower
Any slower it be screwed
And that would be rude
I'm a man no respect
And Plus I got a sack
Got the west side crackin'
Ask about 'em in the trap


[Verse 3]
Turned a brick into a clothing line a boost commercial
And he's still talkin' yo "so who's commercial?"
Young like Noah move them birds by the two
Daddy need to smoke the coupe need a pair of shoes
Got my A.R. on 'em still wont cross over
I gotta half a box left think I need more soda
Still rain man sosa,
Just brought this thing in its too big for a holster
They say I'm bipolar, so indecisive
So motherfucking what, I know some bitches that like it
The real niggas recite it, the real bitches they love it
Its just he way that I strut it, they just like I want 'em so fuck it


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This song still goes hard................ By the way

Glenn Pulley

@Mike Purp

Mike Purp


Arnetha Earl


Bostons Finest

Arguably Jeezy's best album. Years later and I can still slam these joints

jeremy blackmon

@Captain willard yes sir

Captain willard

@jeremy blackmon you know!


Thug motivation

jeremy blackmon

The inspiration album the best

Jamaal Penn

out of this one and trap or die 101 but i think this got it

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