Young Rebel Set Lyrics

And they said you were a true gentleman even 'til the end. The likes of which we'll rarely see again. I found myself alone wandering, oh searching deep within, but some questions don't need answering. But I hope that I do get to see you.
And I just pull myself through just to meet you just once more, just once more we'd play bagatelle, we'd play bagatelle again. And it's so hard to see her cry 'cos I love her so dearly and it's the last time he'll close his eyes.

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really beautiful, I love Young Rebel Set. They make so amazing music and it's live just as awesome as on the record. It's a shame what kids listen to, what's on the top lists when there is wonderful piece of art like this.


Can't get this song outta my head even though it's been moths since I last listened to it!!

Julian Taylor

RIP, One of my favourite ever songs.

Carol Vi

What a wonderful song! I ♥ it!

Nathan Bennett

What a man...Rest in internal piece Matt...privileged to have known you...

Viv Lee

This makes me feel really tearful, not just because it's a beautiful song, but because Matt is not here. He's up there I reckon, happy, free, singing and playing. ....

Xie Man Gun


brigitta falcini

I'm not crying or anything..... *starts tearing up* Beautiful song, fantastic band.


I like it very much. Good song!



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