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Young Thug Lyrics

Thugga Thugga, babe
Say what up?
Free bars
I'm having sex with molly
Fuck a bodyguard
Your cartel gonna go at my body
Cause I'm iced out
But this ho right here she's a real hottie
Make me fuck around and come on the top rope like Scotty 2 Hotty
Power bomb baby
No actually these are power bars baby
And I hope they make it so I can go and get me some baby
And she tries [?] babe
My blunt stay like red [?] babe
Turn raw, put some sight upon his head
That's a power bomb baby!
Ballin' like that ain't no set back baby
I tell 'em: whip this here, then go get that babe
And these niggas, they ain't hard they like wet crack babye
Treat his body like two bricks, just split that babe
On the old watch for new reason
Got a well coat with my jewels like it's flew city
Just bought my son a blue coat
I keep him four season, for no reason
But my whole crew is on ho
And grab me and just gave me sixteen bars on the track but I know he teasin'
But I'm Thug!
In a brand new whip, it's just me my friend
Look out the corner of my eye, I'm thinking again
Bonjour, 'ey, Bonjour, my friend
I, I'll kill a nigga for you cause you're like my kin!
I see, [?], CRE and Young Thugga [?]

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Comments from YouTube:

nouman Inayat






Johnson S. Grear Jr

love this song thug your voice give me chill, I listen to almost all your song,by best is FEEL IT, I love every song from your last two albums, even now Im listening to slime language hope you are proud of your self to, just known young inspire me not only in music but the way you approach life, all love for future


Much respect brother

Quan Nate

❤️ Jeffery.


Wow.. Who ever thought that Young Thug will be a superstar and will birth too much rappers ? CLASSIC MIXTAPE 🐍💕🐍

Kid Dynamite

They used to clown him.... I dropped a comment 6 year ago saying future superstar. He’s here !!! Classics forever


Don't Play With It by Gunna & Young Thug go Krazy af dawg

Nathan Broomfield

This beat 🔥🔥

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