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Brian Nichols
Young Thug Lyrics

Imma ball like Spalding nigga
I'm a blood Imma balla, you can call a nigga
And I'm smokin angel dust, yes my nigga
And I'm attracted to green like war niggas
Imma pull up late, Ricki Lake!
And my jewelry's no joke, shit frosted like flakes
I swear to God I'm baked like Easy Bake uhhh
I send a bank statement that shit sound like a taser
Yeah shawty like a shawty with a taser
Fly that bitch to LA she ballin like a Laker
I know not to tell and never speak to the neighbour
In fact I can't see them I'm on so many acres
Ever since I met shawty I feel like Hercules
And I'm smokin bales of weed cause it grow on trees
6 golds in my mouth like a set of keys
With my west boast blood bangin burgundy
Rich bags under my eyes nigga Birkin these
She say I want Victoria Secreeeets
And I fuck her long watch her decrease
Even though I'm a blood, she like "CC"
She get mad whenever I bring a BB
Shootin' a 223, DVD
Watch me shoot a foe, way down the street
Cost a whole hunnid band, band with the heat
Imma die for my clan, Ku Klux me
Diamonds red like a muhfucka cut me
And I smoke rusty and dusty

What are you doin' in this game?
I wanna know what are you doin' in this game
Hey, baby girl whatcha doin' out here?
What the fuck are you doin' out here?
Hey, I know whatcha doin' out here
I know whatcha doin' out here
You killin' these bitches
Killin' these niggas
Cook a lot of white like Tommy Hilfiger
Ay baby girl gimme this twat
She love to sound like Brian Nichols

Brian Nichol with a pussy out to kill it
I ain't lookin for the swoop I need a bitch who got a million
I want a bitch with some loot who gone take care of her kids
I mean make sure her kids, straight forever udigg?
I won't stop gettin money forever udigg?
And I ain't talkin' bout a shovel, hmm udigg?
I just bought a new dog that ate up the pig
I just bought a new car, a hunna, udigg?
Shhh, stop, a hunnid ain't shit
2 boys 1 month, a hunnid on them
Can't go broke, it may not come again
But a lot of money comin' in you don't belong here so

Baby watch out for the shark
Watch out for the cops
Watch out for the thots
They just want a piece of you like me
Beat 'em like Bruce Lee
Facin' life and you broke
Look at my shoulder boy you can cry on me
No, no tellin' but I told ya you can't control these streets
If a pussy nigga play I'm gonna gun him down like a G
Baby you can't see me I'm ballin you can't even D me

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Comments from YouTube:

Marvin Cruz

This coulda been on Billboard if it hit radio

keep shyt 100k

2017 this still banging

Jeffery Beasley

comment if you thought I said I'ma pull up late Ricki Lake

Brandon McKay

Jeffery Beasley he did

Jojo Thomas

im pull up late ricki lake

Jeffery Beasley


Gabrielle William

this that's song

Lydel Burton

He said "Ima pull up late, regulate"... the lyrics be false like a lot of chef keef songs.


2020 thuggin

Bazlur Hazari

The alternative name to this song is in this game

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