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Cups Stuffed
Young Thug Lyrics

Panoramic Porsche
Pull up on a bitch like pass me the torch
Let me fire this spliff up
I ain't from New York, but aye aye bruh
I don't need no pork, I just need to 2 cups stuffed
Lotta ice, I just need 2 cups stuffed
Gimme a cup twice, I just need 2 cups stuffed
Go light on the ice, I just need 2 cups stuffed
Gamble with ya life if I don't get 2 cups stuffed
Uno dos cups stuffed, uno dos cups stuffed
Uno dos cups stuffed, uno dos cups stuffed
Uno dos cups stuffed, uno dos cups stuffed
Uno dos cups stuffed

Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean lean lean
500 horses inside my machine
500 DNAs in my ding ding
Come here bitch, what you chasin' cash?
2 guns up, Ferrari smash
100 pound green, herb it, curb it, trash
Smoke a whole ounce, leave ya bitch the ash

AR 15 inside my trench
Plus I blend in with the fuckin' trenches
100 crushed diamond for my fuckin' misses
Take the bitch shoppin' cause I fuckin' missed it
Ralph Lauren boxers every day and night
Bitch, I ain't Barry, but I play with white
Bitch, I ain't scary, I could never fright
100 black choppers like a fuckin' night

Thugga, Thugga, baby

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Comments from YouTube:

lil nig O_O

who forgot about this song and came back turning up?

Corey Gude


Luigy Menjivar

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ me

Toaster Bath

never forget bruh

Unpayed Rent



When you drink lean for medicinal purposes, uno dos cough stopped!

Amfeta World




Tarek Shenaq

this comment is awesome hahahahah

dro mtl


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