Young Thug Lyrics

And I'm gonna be high
I'm a rocket man
I'm a rocket man, hey
And I'm gonna be high
I'm a rocket man, high

Lotta land at my side (Thugger!)
Different land for my kind (Thugger!)
Spend ol' bands for my pa (racks)
Spend ol' bands for my mother (I'm a rocket man)
Got a plan for my brother (hey)
Chanel bag for my lover (hey)
Fuck them ol' niggas, they ol' suckas (hey)
They tellin' on one another
I want a train, let's run a train (okay)
If she want bang then let her bang (hey)
He said he bleeding, where the stain? (where is it?)
My bitch at the top of food chains (I'm a rocket man)
They local, I don't even know the name (no)
I been fresh since a kid, I ain't never plain
I just picked up a bag and robbed a dame
I'ma whip out the MAC and pop ya brain
I do what I want and shawty can't (yeah)
I do what I feel and shawty cannot
I'm diggin', I digg and shawty layin' (Thugger)
And all of the bitches say they digg that
From Maine way to Spain
All I got is a chicken for the thots (yeah)
I take off like a plane

And I'm gonna be high
(Super geeked)
Like a rocket man
Yeah, like a rocket man, yeah
And I'm gonna be high
I'm a rocket man, high
(High as a plane)
(From Spain to Maine, know what I'm sayin'? Damn, yeah)

On a private order (yeah)
I'm a rocket launcher (yeah)
You gotta be the pride of something (bet)
I bought that metal stumbling (bought)
I stumble upon a mil' (yeah)
I stumble upon a million five
I spent a fortune all on double seals
If I tell you the numbers you'll probably cry
If I tell you you fake then you'll probably die
These days if he say that he hit, then he probably lying
If you say you got wings and some fish then you probably fried (that's deep)
Got my karats out of Bonnie & Clyde
She let me back in like she never cried
She let me back in like I never lied
I look like a cat with eleven lives
I really kick shit you can ask a fly
I'm steady chasing like I'm never tired
I'm living scary like a haunted house
Lil' mama sexy, I got butterflies (yeah)

And I'm gonna be high
I'm a rocket man
I'm a rocket man, yeah (yeah! yeah!)
And I'm gonna be high (yeah! yeah! ha!)
I'm a rocket man
High, hey, hey, hey, man

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Songtrust Ave, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Bernard J.P. Taupin, Elton John, Jeffrey Lamar Williams, Stelios Phili, Rex Kudo, Ryan Vojtesak

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@Eloc1994 Ahm I really hating around here? Lol stop being so sensitive.

As if fame is a indicator for progressive music, progressive music never was popular - that's why it's progressive :D

Something is going wrong here, you just feel offended by the fact that theoretically and practicly this track isn't as challenging as progressive Artists. They usually require a wider knowledge in theory and in playing actual instruments, rather than a Rapper. This is logic.

And tracks like 'Friction 'by Tauk, are quite challenging peaces to play, remember all the changes, due to being not as repetitiv as f.e. this track here and really a lot more to talk about what is happening in the song.

that actually results because of the fact that Rapmusic is based on vocal expression, while progressive/unusual Music is based on a more instrumental expression, it can contain any type of mixture between vocal shifts to really complex songstructures hard to remember at all, especially the length of songs also can vary up to any length.

That's just some definition issues here. You completly ignore what I'm saying, but rather interpreting it your own way with your responds.

And after all you're posts just are making something bad, while I actually talk pretty objective.

Last thing, yes progressive music also can be a bunch of "random" notes, due to the fact that the notes that get our attention are the wrong ones, which fall out of line - then bringing the tune back to it's roots is a play between Tension and Release. That's how Jazz works too. But Tauk has a pretty solid Songstructre and really not a single note in there is random, due to being in the same keys, which can vary during the song, but theoretically it's clean written stuff, talking about 'Friction'. Some Artists really can sound like a bunch of noises, but that's also an expression maybe showing confusion or a state of restlessness.

Have a good one, I'm out everything said from here.

Rocky Dubray

The thing is...
Young Thug has incredible flow(He could rap over anything or rap any style),
very melodic(he always finds these crazy melodies that get stuck in your head) out of nowhere you’ll hear Young Thug singing in the back of your head.

Another equally great thing about Young Thug is his voice, but that’s probably the biggest thing that people can’t get used to.
He has a voice with a lot of range. But he, more often than not, uses a higher register when singing, rapping, his ad libs . It can be grating or squeaky
to some. But I like it cause he uses it well and it can be very hyped. Not to mention emotional. Like you actually feel a lot of what he feels. Like how much he likes his jewelry. How much he loves family. How much these drugs got him fucked up.
Also, part of the reason that some mumble rappers mumble is because they aren’t hyper articulating like most performers try to do. To me, it gives off this very genuine vibe. Like it’s not all propped up, fake music to please the masses. It’s them being themselves rapping how they would with their friends. Freestyle, not edited.

That brings me to personality. Young Thug, to me has a very “out there” personality. And to me this comes through in every aspect of his style. His metaphors and word associations are, let’s say, playful. Sometimes they will leave you clueless as to what they heck he means. Other times you’ll think “the deepest things are put in the most simplest terms”. Or sex, or drugs, or money. Idk maybe everything at once.

Anyway, you should give Thug another chance bro like I’m serious. Try Barter 6 or Slime Season for that more aggressive stuff. And try Jeffrey or Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls for that more melodic trap.

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This is insanely good

lucky Semwal

@Riyad Karim Mahrez bro this is only for creative one not for poetry readers

Travon Howard


uglygod yadigg

bro i have this song on repeat

the strategist

I'll be the judge of that

Harry Doyle

yeah lol😐

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Zico Tops

Someone said "your favorite rapper would never", and he was right.

Andres Rivera

@Yasashī Ningen do a feature with Elton John

Josephine Nkile

yes bro

Josephine Nkile

yes bro

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