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Me Or Us
by Young Thug

Text anymore, so what're you recording?
It's a new song, I'ma let you hear a little bit
Play it

Well this is why-a-why-a-why
Well this is why-a-why-a-why
Well this is why-a-why-a-why

Who you loyal to? Me or us?
Who you trust the most? Me or us?
Who you wanna fuck every night? Me or us?
Who you wanna take on your flight? Me or us?

You the one that said you were doin' it
And you said you were doin' it, you're doin' it, you're doin' it
You say that what you're doin', you're doin', you're doin'
You told me that what, what you're doin', you're doin', you're doin'
But what you do if your brother left you?
What would you do if them niggas came for you?
You better pursue (watch out)
I just spent 10 racks on a dog from Germany, no Purdue
Oops, I meant Dupree, jury sittin' on their seat
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna know, tell me, lil' baby, I wanna know
I wanna know
I got the show, fuck my show, be my show
I got them loafs, I'm with Metro, he got some more
Yeah, I don't gotta talk
Nigga, my jewelry, it can say more, hey
You smoke that kush and man I'm so good and I want some cookies
Fuck on your daughter, fuck on my brother
Now she gon' diss you
I got them racks, I was just buyin'
You was just lookin'
I bought her diamonds and she just smilin'
She think she tooken, but
This one is all for my fans
I'm smokin' pow-wow in Japan
Blacker the berry, drink my cran
Bae you dig it? Understand


Well this is why-a-why-a-why
Well this is why-a-why-a-why
Well this is why-a-why-a-why

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC
Written by: Conor M. Oberst, Jeffrey Williams, Mike Mogis, Nathaniel Walcott, Rex Kudo, Ryan Vojtesak, Masamune Rex Kudo

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Comments from YouTube:


most under-appreciated song in Thugger’s entire discography

TheDrukenTiger 2256

Big facts bro


Kanye West is


Thugger's Versatility is unbelievable.

Torris Davison

Jasxn you ain’t been listening long enough.


Jasxn I understand every word

Hubba Bubba

@Jasxn not particularly, I consider his voice to be an instrument


If only his lyrics made sense


if u been listenin to thug 4 a long time like this comment
Edit: It's so cringy to see the way I used to type and the music I always listened to. Its been two years since I saw this🤦🏽‍♂️


@2Shynee LMAO FACTS it's funny because I hated seeing comments like this, this is only comment I've ever begged for likes with and I'm disappointed😭

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