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Youngman Lyrics

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Wyatt Beach

these comments are from three year olds

Savage Reaper

this is an awesome start he has most everything id only add a large tarp for an instant shelter otherwise his kit is better then mine


I watched this video with my 10 yr old son. Thank you mr. T. We appreciate your sharing your bag and knowledge!


Yes I totally agree with you and his parents do a great job making sure that his prepping is related to fun things they are doing not doom and gloom like being able to survive in the woods if they get lost while their hunting. (They do ALOT of hunting) and alot of basic boy scout like skills.

Tom Snyder

0:32 DOVES! :D


Good video! Reminds me of the good old days in Boy Scouts! When they actually taught these lessons to the boys. My 7 year old daughter is getting into this style of thinking and getting prepared. Thanks for sharing!


David, time permitting, would you mind letting me know where I could purchase this bag? I haven't been able to find anything with this many pockets/sections. Thank you.


Try to bring up the natural disasters that have been hitting the US in the last few days. The fires out west and the bad storm up north. Try to get them to prepare for natural disaster and prep some basic supplies. Start small and dont scare them with EMP or WROL just natural disasters.


I knew i remembered you from somewhere! :) How's prepping going?


Awesome job buddy!!! Well done bro!!! I did a vid response showing my "Blue Hill UL" stove I make... might be a better option for ya & save lots of weight & has many fuel optionsx - maybe we could make a trade or something:) I think you did a fantastic job:) keep up the good work!!!

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