Te wo Tsunaide
Younha Lyrics

2人つくった砂の城たち さらわれないように

Looking into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
あなたへの想いは変わらない 確かなことよ
Maybe I love you more every day and night
手をつないだならば どこまでも行ける気がする
あたしとじゃあ ねぇ だめですか? お願い


Looking into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
淋しいときは すぐ会いに行く 約束するよ
Can you hear my song
I sing for you every night?
あたしがねぇ 教えてあげる

あなたへの想い描き 紙ひこうき飛ばす
強い風が吹いて 狙いより外れ、
落ちて 見えなくなった
何かしなきゃ 始まらない

Looking into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
今あなたに向かい 伝えよう 勇気振り絞って
Maybe I love you more every day and night
答えがどうであれ 今できることをやるんだと

Looking into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
Looking into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
手をつないだならば どこまでも行ける気がする

あたしとじゃあ ねぇ だめですか? 答えてよ

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Comments from YouTube:

Angelika Cheung

There was so many loop holes in this anime, despite that I really love it.
****SPOILER ALERT- Thor was an experiment by the higher ups, in fact, the whole planet chimera was too. It was explained near the end that Thor was not genetically the brother of Rai nor was part of the Klein family. Thor was a genetically modified baby whom adapted to his environment, thats why he looks like Rai and at the end change his appearance. As for Thirds actions, was all for the sake of goin to earth the place he admired and obsess with, but redeem himself in the end i.e that he was not that heartless to stop the planet from terra forming & help Thor go back to chimera. All this started because of the derange Prime minister Juno's obsession with humanities survival. Now, that is some dark themes here, these higher ups manipulated everyone, to the point mother nature stop them, i.e,"the muses" a plant in chimera help stop the terraforming orbs: Human Vs Nature. and it look like nature won. The ending at least show that humanity is still there and no longer they would have to fight for the title beast king, and start a new life with chimera bein the new earth for humans

Gabby Auten

I watched this show twice! I still don't understand the ending. I feel like they left out so much. The show had so much potential to it.

Alana James

Luv this song nd this series!!!i can listen to this over and over again


This is one of my favorite Younha songs and it isn't on Spotify and this is the only video I can find that states Te wo Tsunaide but unfortunately, it seems a lot doesn't like this song before and is being trying to be forgotten. T_T The only audio I got was from a Google search directing me to a Soundcloud link, that is where I got to listen to this song again <3

Reggie Brown

why are all the best animes so damn short

Crou The Blackwing

I wanted tiz to live. The ending was disappointing for me but I love the anime no matter what. But I wasn't as disappointed at it's ending as I was in samurai 7. THAT ENDING PISSED ME OFF!

Asinuo Solo

Same tbh about Samurai 7's ending. Katsushiro k**lled my favorite character from the anime and i was so mad. Granted it was an accident but still so infuriating. The last episode of the anime has one of my most memorable scenes ever from an anime so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Gabby Auten

I understood everything til the last few episodes. I cried when Third died. He was always my favorite, even though he used Thor. What happened to Zagi? Did he die? I hated that Tiz died, and Thor pissed me off when he decided to choose her right at the end. Gah, too late. I have so many complaints about this show.


Ugh the feels...theyre killing me!! Aghh i felt like crying just watching that vid! Dx waahh i wanted third to live!!

Sheldon Bridges

I think i know what happened at the end. Tiz blocked the bullet for Zagi and they fell in the crack. I guess Thor knew she was dead when he saw her as a illusion. Then his skin started to change, somehow, and he looked just like Third and he named the girl he found after Tiz. I still got confused at some parts tho.... but i hope i cleared up some of your confusion.

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