I Want Your Sex
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Things that you get,
things that you know
boys you can trust
girls that you dont
new things to hide
this new things
that you should sometimes think youre gonna get'em
but you dont and
thats just the way it goes.
i swear i wont tease you
wont tell you no lies
i dont need no bible just look in my eyes
i waited so long baby now that we're friends
everymen got his patience
and here is where mine ends
i want your sex
i want your love.

I really like to fly
i really love to know
when you tell me
youre gonna be clairdance
i swear i wont tease you
wont tell you no lies
i dont need no bible just look in my eyes
i waited so long baby i need

i cant take much more
cause im loosing control

Overall Meaning

This part of ZOE's song "I Want Your Sex" delves into themes of desire, trust, and honesty in the context of a romantic and possibly sexual relationship. The lyrics suggest a longing for intimacy and connection, as well as the complexity of navigating feelings and expectations in such a relationship.

The first stanza seems to touch on the uncertainty and anticipation that can come with pursuing someone romantically. There is a contrast drawn between the things you want and the things you actually know or receive, highlighting the unpredictability of emotions and interactions. The mention of trust and hiding new things implies a sense of vulnerability and the need to navigate the unknown in relationships.

The lines "i swear i wont tease you / wont tell you no lies" speak to a commitment to honesty and transparency in the relationship. The singer asserts that they don't need religious doctrines to guide them, as they are willing to be open and sincere with their partner. The idea of waiting patiently and reaching a tipping point where desire becomes more urgent adds depth to the narrative of longing and closeness.

The repeated refrain of "i want your sex / i want your love" underscores the raw and earnest desire for physical and emotional intimacy. The mention of flying and experiencing clarity suggests a sense of liberation and enlightenment that comes with being with the desired person. The admission of having waited for so long and feeling on the brink of losing control further emphasizes the intensity and urgency of the singer's feelings.

Overall, these lyrics convey a mix of longing, honesty, and vulnerability in a relationship dynamic where desire and closeness are at the forefront. The themes of trust, anticipation, and emotional intensity are woven throughout the verses, painting a vivid picture of the complexities and depths of human connection and desire.

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Written by: George Michael

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