Zaïko Langa Langa Lyrics

Muva na leli, bolingo na nga
Oyoka nga ata mawa Muva, na kobelela mokili mobimba ba yoka nga
Nakobelela epa' ya Mimi ayoka nga, nakomi zoba ya bolingo nayo Muva
Fungola ya yo motema otika nga kimia kati ya mokili papa, Ohh Ohh Muva eh-eh-eh-eh nawe!

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dubois Mamfa

Oh mon Dieu, je cherchais depuis longtemps cette chanson. Dieu est grand, je la trouve.
Merci de nous la donnée.


dubois Mamfa je la cherchais depuis que j’ai vu Kayembe Le Tenace😭😭😭


The beat from 1:23 to 2:16 😍👌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥What a talent 👌🏿👌🏿

Whit dC.

That beat is sick 😭

MusiqueZaïroise Musique-Documentaires-Émissions

That's percussionist Djerba Mandjeku, pianist Jose Piano Piano and drummer Meridjo Belobi.

Edward Kwasi

The guitarist is none other than Zangilu popolipo aka beniko or ya poly the best soloist from 1987t to 1990 and Co founder quarter latin with koffi olomide


It is said that,at that time they were performing at a concert in Japan,when the solo guitarist pulled that "stunt" at 1.23 to 2.16,they couldn't believe that it was really human strutting the guitar wires,they thought it was from the synthesizer;they had to ask for the guitarist to do it again for their verification.They were stunned.

MusiqueZaïroise Musique-Documentaires-Émissions

1:21 samplé par Papy Mbavu dans le titre "Bina Kotazo (2)"

dubois Mamfa

à l'époque je n'avais que 3 ans. Franchement nos ainés étaient des doués en musique.

anicet barou

ah oui je cherche cette chanson depuis longtemps!

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