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Catch Me
by Zak Downtown

Ah, finally made it here, I'm never going back
It's my time, I got the sign, I rep my zodiac
You can hear written every line I'm never holding back
If you coming at me, turn around,... call the sack
I'm making, only hits, only hits
Keep that money, rolling in, rolling in

I ain't gas but we started underground like petroleum
Now I'm fillings up stadiums, pus and auditoriums
Making shawties come, but I'm leaving quick
I ain't stopping till it's keys to whips, keys to cribs
We the shit, that's the only thing that we admit
I take my time, I never rush, that's why I'm releasing hits
You can catch me on your tv screen, looking really... son
I'm bout to take them back to school like Billy Madison
I'm fashing young, acting dumb, ashing blunts
Rapping drunk, and I'm putting work
You can ask me where the passion was
Work it, work it

And I don't give a fuck if y'all embrace me
Doubt motivates I need more hating
And I've been drinking a lot more lately
I ain't got nothing to end to doing I awaken
Cause I'm living, living
Like a motherfucking celeb
So I might just, might just
Take a double cup to the head
We live with no regrets, tomorrow we might be dead
And shout to anyone who ain't...
Cause when you do you'll be astounded
So happy that you found it
Drop 1000 on that outfit, and get my homies allowance
Cause I share with my whole team, I never hold out
This shit is so bananas but it have no doubt
I would get everything that I wanted
Just a little kid from a new york city apartment
Could have been a cashier, working up in the dinos
But there's parties to attent and some girls I gotta find them.

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