Fall Into the Sky
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This feeling is heavy
Makes my body ache and I'm ready
To fall into the sky
I see now
The reason why

My heart is heavy
Takes me to a place I can't breathe
Only then I know why I see

The warning sign

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Fall Into The Sky" by Zedd, Lucky Date, and Ellie Goulding explore the depth of emotions that arise when one is confronted with challenges in life. The first line of the lyrics, 'This feeling is heavy', indicates the gravity of the situation, the feeling of being burdened by what's happening. The second line, 'Makes my body ache and I'm ready', reflects the readiness to face adversity, to endure the discomfort that comes along with it.

The following lines, 'To fall into the sky, I see now, the reason why', suggest that despite the gravity of the situation, there's still hope for things to turn out for the better. 'Falling into the sky' can be seen as a metaphor for letting go of one's worries, anxieties and being lifted up into a place of serenity and calmness. This realization of hope is followed by the chorus that emphasizes how experiencing the weight of emotions can sometimes be overwhelming, taking a toll on one's heart, leading to a place where they feel suffocated.

The last line of the chorus, 'Only then I know why I see the warning sign', emphasizes the importance of being aware of warning signs, of how emotions can affect one's physical and emotional well-being. The final lyric of the song, 'Fall into the sky,' suggests that despite experiencing life's challenges, it's possible for one to find higher ground and move towards a place of freedom and liberation.

Line by Line Meaning

This feeling is heavy
I am overwhelmed with emotions that are weighing me down

Makes my body ache and I'm ready
The intensity of this feeling is physically affecting me, but I am willing to succumb to it

To fall into the sky
I want to give in to these emotions and let them consume me completely

I see now
I understand

The reason why
Why I am feeling this way

My heart is heavy
I am experiencing deep emotional distress

Takes me to a place I can't breathe
It is so overwhelming that it feels suffocating

Only then I know why I see
It is only when I am completely consumed that I am able to comprehend

The warning sign
The signs that were there all along, but I overlooked or ignored them

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love from indonesia


The ellie goulding vocals are my favorite parts of the song, i need a mix with only her vocals please :)


Love Ellie's vocals in this song. They intertwine very well with the tone of the beat.


this song with beats is just perfection


first song I have ever heard from Zedd. Memories <3 


the society is starting to get obsessed with Ellie's voice
me too :3


Ericka Gibbons and with matthew koma


Luis Peña Oh YEEEESSSS Matthew as well ^o^


To bad her new album sucks.

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