Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Reggae Revolution: We need your help!

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Reggae Revolution
by Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

Do the reggae! 3x2

It is a.
Reggae, reggae, reggae revolution.
It's got to be.
Reggae, reggae, reggae revolution.

Down for the youth to take their time
I just can't take no slackers no more
We built in our place and through in the rest, yes.
We just cant take no slackers no more
(All the homebugs that been)?, they're keepin us down
Get on a bus and leave the town, right now
(All the homebugs that been)?, keepin us down
Just get on a bus and leave the town


I know it is.
Reggae, reggae, reggae revolution.

Reggae, reggae, reggae revolution.


Babylon try to keep us down
I say: Not in a million years, light years
And, what is all this fuss about, brother sister
Just open, open your ears


Do the reggae! 3x4

Reggae, hit the storm! [repeat until end]
Out of Babylon
Reach Mount Zion

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