The Bay
Zion I Lyrics

Let it go
Let the good take hold
I'm ah brother from the West
Who was blessed with a soul
Let me tell you 'bout a place
You probably don't even know
We still live in Cali
Gotta style cultural
We was
Known from the 60's
From panthers to hippies
Now were known for
Murders pimps and three-sixty's
Side shows high speed chases too
And a crack epidemic that will turn ya blue
And an Aids epidemic that can end ya too
It's the Yay baby brother and I thought you knew
Oakland to Vallejo
Vallejo to the Zay
The Zay to the Sko'
AKA as the Bay
Unique so to speak
In a whole lotta ways
We hardly get the love â??cause we close to LA
We got our own slang
But everybody took it
Now we goin' dumb down the Av drivin' crooked

This the way
In the Bay (in the Bay)
In the Bay [Repeat: x1]

In ya little kuddy cold from the Northern Pacific
Beach always cold
So don't get the game twisted
Thugs reprocessed to the death packin' biscuits
Weed almost legal the trees it's terrific
We got
Cannibis clubs
Filipinos and Blacks
Latinos from all over the map
Chinese and Vietnamese
So don't get jacked
Samoans Indians Tongans Thai's
It's the Bay homie
And we multiplies
We never act shy when it's time to ride
And we claim 2 Pac as a source of pride
Said we claim 2 Pac as a source of pride
Let it go
Let me bless a flow my people
Here we go here we go here we here we yo
From the streets to beach
Flat lands to peace
To the freaks in the deeps drivin' by (beep beep)
To the heat meet the seat
To the cops from the beat
To the rich to sweet
To the poor to the weak
To the youth and the beast
HP 3rd Street
(3 x's) telegraph to the Av
North to the deep East

To the youth and the beast
HP 3rd Street
Telegraph to the Av
North to the deep East

This the way
In the Bay (in the Bay)
In the Bay [Repeat: x1]


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Comments from YouTube:

Johnny Carson

I’m from So cal but I remember my family from nor cal showing me this song and I’ve been bumping it ever since . It was dope seeing them perform it in Santa Ana a while back !

RhumGyhn Official

Kill Eachother same here....

Boah! Productions

The violin at the end gets me every single time....

bigo 489

most underrated bay area song


Weird only 30000 views...seems like in Central or Northern California a whole bunch of people know this type of music but then you leave the area and realize no one knows what your taking about lol


Much love to Zion I all the way from Canada. Been rocking this for decades.

Chris Parkey

I’m from Texas and I used to bump this back in the day lol

Joseph Bowen

@Fakih Balboa check out Woodie, Big tone, Lil Wyno, name a few, Have anybody I need to check out? Most appreciated

Fakih Balboa

Sheeid. I’m from VA and was on this. This shit is hard

Mr swishaDank

That’s the beauty of tha yay my man it’s OUR music hahaha

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