Zombina & The Skeletones Lyrics

There's always one kid in every school
Who's, oh, so full of hate
Seething rage and vengeful genes
But, yeah, he plays it straight
His deeds are always sick and wrong
Although he's just a kid
Used to be a baby
'Til he burned down his crib

Clapped his hands and all he said was:
Finito, neato, neato, neato
Woah, oh, oh
Then everyone fell dead and said...

Don't talk to him, cos he's a villain
Don't talk to him, don't look at him
Don't listen to his lies, He's a villain

Some misguided teachers said
He's just misunderstood
But everybody understands
A villain ain't no good
Andy's always building
Evil, evil rays (for the GRA)
That boy's not upset, my friend, no
That boy's not ok

Stay away from classroom five A
Saty away...

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