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Zu Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Zu:

5 にわか仕立てのシナリオが ブリキのタイコただきだす プラットホームで見たものは 冷たく光るスケア リーモンスターズ フル…

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Comments from YouTube:

dumb ass

MY FUCKING EARS! This is perfect. So happy I clicked on it for no reason.

lars lovelot

I'm pretty sure mike patton's not in the band, he's just played some songs with them. They're just a three piece.


+lars lovelot yeah, they did a couple od shows together and patton recorded vocals in two tracks of this album... in this track the guest is Buzz Osbourne

Marco Galli

There are no instruments in this song. Just your imagination.

Blake Roberts

This is infreakingcredible!


No one:

Zu: but what if jazz was angry

Bruno Aziz

this is demoniac

Joshua Hall

Question! what time signiture is this in? It's been mega buggin me and my mate! haha, love it though!

sergio calvarioz

The nasty bass tone simply knocks me out every time I hear it!

Hox Vox

Gli voglio bene.

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