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Every Seagull Knows
Zu Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Zu:

5 にわか仕立てのシナリオが ブリキのタイコただきだす プラットホームで見たものは 冷たく光るスケア リーモンスターズ フル…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Cole Stevens

"Got hit in the neck by hacky sack"

"when you get older you could get hit by a boulder"

"DONT FALL ASLEEP... die slowly..."

"and I was like, that log had a child."

yoda is all powerful.

Teddy Chen KH5976

Me who's listening to this on the Beach:

**Had me going like
Hwawwh hawh hawh hawh hawh hawh
Haaww hawh hawh hawh hawh hawh
Haaww hawh hawh hawh hawh hawh
Nothin' I could do but yell when these birds attacked me.
When I tried to run I fell, and then these kids start laughin'.
And then, got hit in the neck with a hacky-sack.
Where'd it come from?**

All comments from YouTube:


my teacher played this in class every day so this is kind of drilled into my head for eternity

Manav Jacob

Same here!

Duller 32

I watch your channel

A Box Of Thin Mints

epicgamermax he’s a bot

Dawn Michelle Seidl Godsey

Pshycho weiner

Benita Hiestermann

Why? But that's hilarious lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

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That Random Girl

These people are so unbelievably talented, and they’re using their talent for this.

I l o v e i t

8rįçë 7ímøțhý 8üşćh

Love all of their vids! Hm ha hm hmm hmm ha!

Annie Berardino

SOMEONES gotta do it!

FaZe Trever

@DavidBarossanu d

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