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Things Fall Apart
Zu Lyrics

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AyokAy The thinking bus know the way shit haunts Like you swore…
Built to Spill Came into the darkness from out of the blue I don't…
Guadalcanal Diary When you stray from the beaten path, Confusion may be your…
Hell Is For Heroes I look out to the man on the street And I…
Kofi Kinaata Yeba oo, yeba yiee Yebi yebi yieaa, pause Call me Kofi Kinaa…
Seemless I hear your voice telling me not to fear I speak…
Serafin Do do do do do do do Every tired second Every heavy…
The Gentry I'll probably never see you eye to eye again This letter's…
The Suicide File The only thing worse Than losing the one thing that you…

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5 にわか仕立てのシナリオが ブリキのタイコただきだす プラットホームで見たものは 冷たく光るスケア リーモンスターズ フル…

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Daniela Babache

Side effects of this movie might include:

• Crying
• More Crying
• Excessive Crying
• Happy Tears
• Sad Tears

The Writing and Directing team of ‘Five Feet Appart’ along with Cole Sprouse, Haley Lu Richardson and the rest of the cast take full responsibility for any side effects. Happy Viewing.



it makes me sad cause they left out stuff from the book. like 8 months later will is traveling the world with one of his friends and end up running into stella and they like make eye contact and end up saying hi and THEN the book ends. they also left out some other stuff too. in the scene at the end where she almost dies, she realizes her panda doll is drifting away from her so instead of swimming she tries to grab it and passes out under water, and when she does she has this vision of abby telling her to not die, look at this guy whose giving his last breaths to you and live. and i was waiting for that scene to come and it DIDNT i was a little upset but the movie was still good and I still cried my eyes out just like i did reading the book.

there was other stuff they left out too BUT ITS FINE i guess xD the scene where will leaves the surgery room and barb is with stellas parents, theres a whole convo that will is supposed to witness about barb telling her parents to man up and stop arguing with each other (they are not friends for most of the book they broke up soon after abby died and stella has to deal with seeing them separately), also stella tells her parents about the surgery she's having she doesn't let the nurse do it. just little things they didnt show or talk about. and at the beginning when barb mentions stellas fever on camera, she was trying to hide the fever from her parents so they wouldn't worry so much. LITTLE THINGS still a good movie though

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Isabelle Voor

I'm from the future. In 2020, EVERYONE has to stay 5 Feet Apart

I have soOoO much swag bro


Mabbina & Elmo STRUFF

“Akkkkck 6”

allyeno !

and in 2021 too

Erika Jane

I'm from the future 2021 still 5 feet apart


I from the future too 2021 Oop

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num shsh

This movie proves that love can be applied without kissing, holding hands and other romantic actions


Technically they did kiss and deffo held hands LOL

Cecile Conner

This is how it is when you get older with your spouse

arifin kusuma

Yeah but that's so boring ☹️☹️

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