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We have lyrics for 'Catacomb' by these artists:

At the Drive-In Lark throated spit through beaks tonight These gagging chir…
Emptyself I wove an intricate catacomb, riddled with traps and old los…
King Diamond Down into the dark I go, armed with just a…
Stereophonics I was looking downtown for a chick to lead me…
Stereophonics; Kelly Jones I was looking downtown for a chick to lead me…
Vampire Rodents Dreamtime linen Dragging tremor Shadows eat all I remember…

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If you believe any of the history taught to us, I've got some ocean front property in Kansas for sale, CHEAP!


I wish i could go down and explore

Byron Dickey

@Moon Dog eeee

Moon Dog

This is the exact tunnel they used in the movie As Above So Below?

Joe Santana

The camera man of these type adventures should get paid the most

Crazy as always

More than anything they’re probably get paid the regular pay plus hazard because not only would they be getting exposed to possible rockfalls possible injuries and other things but as well they would be literally risking their lives if something went wrong

Carmen O

I'd be afraid to run into dangerous people down there, getting lost, or getting trapped.


@Old King Spook And on the surface of Paris, too.

Old King Spook

There's a whole lot of nope going on beneath Paris...

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