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Musick is Oraganized Sound
Zweizz Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

bi dost

Dave, you are very smart. You are the only youtuber out here, who approaches music with an analysing attitude timbre for example: An essential element for understanding music no one really pays attention to which is just what I have been looking for. Sadly, your channel is very underrated. 
Thanks a lot. 

Peter Csík

"What is music? = Organising sound." This the best simplest explanation of what music is to me so far. Not a metaphorical or an abstract definition. Just a simple one that points to the essence.

Shaun O'Connor

nicely presented. I like particularly the unbiassed approache to answering the question of what music is. very often this is where the aspiring student of music is steered toward a speficic genre of music either due to traditional institutionalism or the narrators or lecturus personal prefferences. a pitfall that is skillfully and elegantly avoided in this video.

Dave Conservatoire

@Shaun O'Connor Thanks!

The Edge Walker

thank you, it was really usefull in school project

chris Yyne

Nice content, what's the background music for the intro?


i'm one of the few musical geniuses you're helping create. I'm very much thankful.

Nisa Misa

Wao!!!! thank you :)

Lila Alvarado

Im too lazy to watch the whole video, What are the 4 elements that help organize sound? I need it for my elective class

ava glynn

@rice me going to the comments to look for the anwsers but ty LMAO

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