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Nowadays only the boring everything is so frustrating
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My life is just
1- wake up
2- go to online classes
3- play my favorite game
4- after playing my favorite game for 2 minutes, I realize that I actually find my favorite game boring now, and have no motivation to keep playing it
5- be extremely bored
6- "my life is pretty boring, with a life like this, do I even want to keep living?"
7- after some time thinking about my life, I go to sleep, since I have nothing better to do
8- repeat

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Insert your feelings [here]

I think the YouTube algorithm is worried about me

Gamer Unknown


Walk with TOMO

I like this comment😂😂

Nickomi Martinez


Samrawit Kenfe


Black Joerogan

On god bro

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Sometimes I have to ask myself "Am I actually bored, or am I just not interested in doing anything?"

Gangsta Shorts

😖😖😭 yeah bro it's relatable

Ulykhbyek Maralbyek

That is the early signs of depression, hopefully you are doing well now. Please seek help or talk to yourself.


Well, I'm both

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