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Dark Circle جواي حلم جميل ، صافي بلون النيل عشتو، عشتو وحققتة وصحيت مشيت…
Helena Mayer Jumping through the hoops that you set Got us down to…
Royal Teeth It's a narrow road I'm walkin on And I'll walk it…

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you are loved and adored

@Egg hi, to answer your question, these days people use "–" while texting despite not being cut to express that they had something more to say but they're cutting off or pausing midway because of some reason.

Judging from OP's comment, it seems like they added the "–" after their statement because this song isn't something most people would like and since they liked it they called it a bop and ended it with – to show that they'd praise it more but stopped midway because of the prejudice.


1. "I swear to God Ben is such an idiot–"

The pause here can mean that the speaker stopped to not go overboard with their complaints regarding Ben.

2. "I'm so cool, don't you think so?"

Here, the usage can mean the speaker had to pause to exaggerate that they're speechless and shook or in a state where they don't know how to respond.

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Bianca mcgill

Sounds like an 80s jam lol 😂

scp 457

@T T you want to do that to me or something else that I can confirm the video of the other people because of it prettying you have to deal with that sentence




It's from an abba song they remixed....gimme gimme gimme!


Time travel spotted

A for Apple🍎

yes it is😀

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Mary Poppins

I'm disappointed I thought this would be a whole song


@Samir Its not a movie its a special on Netflix called INSIDE


@Nockfell's~Beauty can you say the name of the movie



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