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Points punk
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I always have to clean up
I always have to do the dishes
I always have to go to the work
I always have to go to the doctor
I'm not allowed to go to the computer
Not allowed to watch television
I'm even not allowed to see my friends
I always have to be at home
I always have to do tasks
I always have to eat well
I always have to drink well
I'm not allowed to eat candy
Not allowed to drink soda
I'm even not allowed to drink alcohol
I always have to rest
I always have to sleep
I always have to wake up
I always have to go to the shower


This song is about how society treats disabled people

"I always have to go to the doctor
I am not allowed to go to the computer
I am not allowed to watch television
I am not allowed to see my friends"

Many people, even when they're disabled or have down syndrome, are still almost able to live normally like everyone else and should not have harsh restrictions
Although this song maybe look ridiculous first, you will know what they sing about once you look up the lyrics

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Madi Kay

This is one of my favourite Eurovision performances ever. It’s excellent that Finland helped give visibility to people who are outside of the “norm”.

Incumbent Vinyl

@Gredulous There is no such thing as ''Hardcore Punk Metal''.

This is not hardcore either, this is simple punk rock.

Incumbent Vinyl

@Leo_is_a_baka It's punk, you don't need to know how to sing.

Doug Dimmadome

@Leo_is_a_baka like anyone ever could on ESF

Flaccid Pancake

@GredulousBecause the only "punk" stuff they know is green day 💀


@Leo_is_a_baka This is actually very close to real Hardcore Punk Metal!! Problem is that only 0.5% of world population knows what oldschool Hardcore Punk really is like and rest 99.5% would not like it if they knew what it is. The beauty of this genre is that it is supposed to be honest, brutal, rough and singing usually sound like crying and screming combined. Basically completely opposite to 'fakey', meaningless, autotuned radio friendly music. But yeah... I love the fact that Finland treated these guys as they were actual humang beings. I understand this is not very Eurovision type of music, but I'm happy they got their shot!

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Oh, Finland. You never disappoint me.


@Joetus ouch


You old

Veta Voloshanca

Right? One of my favourite Eurovision countries ❤

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