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Escher wanna draw shit
I pop clips
Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip
Escher wanna draw shit
I pop clips
Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip
(Fall for your heart, wait for the dark)

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Intro" by Alt-J are difficult to interpret since they are entirely abstract and lack a clear narrative. However, we can make an educated guess that the song itself is about power, control, and self-assurance. The lyrics "Escher wanna draw shit, I pop clips" could be interpreted as the desire to create intricate art and designs with finesse, but the singer chooses to "pop clips" or assert their authority over the situation. The following lyrics, "Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip," emphasize that the singer is confident and intends to protect themselves from any challenge to their power.

The final line, "(Fall for your heart, wait for the dark)," feels disconnected from the rest of the lyrics and even the music itself. The darkness in this line could either represent a period of uncertainty when the singer anticipates their power will be tested or when they need to rely on their internal strength to succeed.

Line by Line Meaning

Escher wanna draw shit
Similar to how the artist Escher creates intricate drawings, I too have creative aspirations and desires to express myself.

I pop clips
I am confident and skilled, able to fire my weapon with precise accuracy.

Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip
I am prepared to protect myself and my creations at all times, carrying a weapon on my person.

Fall for your heart, wait for the dark
Despite my perceived toughness, I still yearn for love and intimacy, even if it means waiting for the right moment to express those feelings.

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Written by: Augustus Figaro Niso Unger-Hamilton, Thomas Stuart Green, Joe Jerome Newman, Gwilym David Dylan Sainsbury

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Escher wanna draw shit
I pop clips
Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip
Escher wanna draw shit
I pop clips
Bitch, I draw my piece to my hip
(Fall for your heart
Wait for the dark)


(Hey! Enchanté)

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I listened to this entire album by accident in summer and it was one of the most magical experiences I've ever had. So, picture the scene, it's a beautiful British summers day and I am high as a kite and loving the warmth of the sun on my skin and decide to rest under a bridge by the canal. My back is propped up on a diagonal brick wall and my bare feet are being tickled by the grass. My friend comes along, also very high, cuddles up next to me and throws this album on. My lord it was an out of body experience, I would rest my head back and all I could see was the reflection of the canal water dancing on the underside of the bridge and hear this ethereal music in my ears. It was Bliss.




+Noah T-P Thank you. You (intentionally or not) actually helped me understand this album in a deeper (and thus more interesting) way.


I'm glad I helped you Pedro.




Oh shit. British summers are a thing?! OMG, I didn't know that. XD
But true, this is one, awesome, band.

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I can't get over how perfect this whole album is, every single song is so beautiful.


Can't agree any more


pusher is average.. but all the others are great. album 9.6/10


+Anthony Toman exactly what i thought

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