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Where Latisha lives
cindy collapsed Lyrics

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All About The Tea

Teacups, thank you for watching ❤️...are you team OG or everyone else?

Penny Jo

Black woman r a natural I don’t know what’s going on Look at CardiB she was small starting out look at her. Now,Is anything real anymore

Penny Jo

Team OG


@Belltown Daisy that is not the same thing. There’s a difference between preference and ignorance. The bottom line, you all are doing it to yourselves and did it to yourselves. It needs to stop. OG said assertively out of her mouth, you’re over there with the “Light Skinned Ones”. Which puts her in the same place she’s trying to convince people that she’s in. I could respect the fact that IF she said: we are a people and we need to end this. That’s not what happened and that’s not what she wants. Nonetheless, it came out very clearly. OG is making the cast pay for what happened in her past and has you all convinced to do the same. Every person of color has a story or will have a story. This manipulation is grandiose. She’s gotta keep this up now though. She put herself out there and is going to milk it for as long as she can. People of color need to stop falling into these self victimized traps.

Belltown Daisy

@Gigi B don't forget Evelyn calling CeCe "Ling-Ling" or something like that. Imagine if someone called Evelyn "Maria" or something like that? There would be no end to Evelyn talking about that.

Belltown Daisy

@Jahanna Thomas "Aggressive"? How would you describe Evelyn?

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San Greer

This commentary is off. OG explained herself very well. These people know what colorism is. Evelyn has not been addressed by Shaunie. Period

Sherry Davidson

I agree whole heartedly with Bishop! Kristin is not and was not genuine. Kristen came to change the narrative on behalf of Shaunie. She also was trying to exonerate herself. OG is tired of this mess and I don't blame her. Nobody came to her to talk within the year and half so why now. If you were genuine, you would have came when it all happened. I can't with them anymore. I don't even watch anymore because of the lack of empathy amongst these women. And they are not building each other up, they are constantly tearing each other down. I'm sick of the OG is aggressive narrative. Evelyn is just mad cause she can't bully OG. PERIOD!

Dee Dee

All of what you said.

Latoya Johnson

Bottom line!!!!

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