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see you walking down the bridge
cindy collapsed Lyrics

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Kry Rithisak

Little do you know,

The brightest smiles hide the deepest secrets

The most gorgeous eyes have cried the most

The wisest people have felt the most pain

The bravest people have the darkest past

The perfect people are made of insecurities and flaws

The most loving people have seen the most deaths

The kindest people are the most lonely

That underneath all those of perfect features lies a locked hole of flaws, insecurities, darkness, mistakes, fears, tears, memories... just because they are scared that someone might open their hole of suffering...

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Chloe Hood

@Purvi Sood 💚💚💚💚


She has a lovely voice

Cerenity Minor

You are the best


How to praise and worship

Anthony Morales

I would ask why should I keep going. I don't think this would be an easy question but it is my question

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No one ever notices the tears
No one ever notices the sadness
No one ever notices the pain
But they all notice the mistakes

Jared Race

I'm 11 and this is deep

Brandon Bipin


Tania Santiago

@Harrisa Tucker a . A

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