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Yungblud I'm just a fleabag Nobody loves me Send me to rehab Somebody…

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this is so gooooooood! had it on my Spotify for a couple of weeks and right now it really hit me. it is awesome!


You are the radio station of youtube.


So true 🐱


The best Radiostation if this was an actual fm Station i would Listen 24/7


yes he is 👍


Ótimo vocal e instrumental, o video independente bem cômico e simplista.😀


If priests and nuns were like that, I would go back to church XD
But for now the blessing of this song is enough for me :3


that was good honestly <3


crazy bc i Literally just finished fleabag (the show) and this shows up on my recommended 😭 the lyrics make a lot of sense with the show so i have to wonder if it's what inspired the song!


is fleabag worth the watch?

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