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by fox capture plan

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I would love to hear this as a battle theme for pretty much any JRPG

timothy chan

i would imagine this actually fits ff7 remake battle quite well


I see a scene,where a guy runs...runs rushes without care for surroundings,just going forward,straightly and quickly...Pushing others to sides,getting closer to final,but the final runs from him aswell,so he just isnt gonna catch it.

Geoffrey Touton

@packojamuraii I know it used to be, but gaming has evolved and is targeting a more mainstream audience that is probably familiar with a lot of action blockbusters. I was going to bring the subject "it could work on older RPG, like in the PS1/N64 - PS2/GC era". I can't imagine such a dynamic song as BGM nowadays. This has, to me, a big FFXIII vibe (bad game, but good music) and I could see it also working in a title like KH or FFXV type games. But music perception is subjective; I'm not saying you're wrong, I just can't imagine it nowadays as city music :p


Geoffrey Touton ambient BGM is something still fairly new in gaming. if you played older games, you know that the BGMs for each area were a lot more prominent and musically dynamic, making them more memorable, instead of nowadays slipping in to the background, and trying to blend in with the natural sounds.

this could work as battle theme but, i could only imagine it from a game from the Persona series, which is kinda known for having unconventional battle themes, turning a J-Rock/Pop song into a battle theme in P4 and a acid jazz tune in P5.

i’ll just say it could be both, but it’d be unconventional as a battle theme still.

Geoffrey Touton

@packojamuraii Ambientation music shouldn't be so dynamic, even for a "big futuristic city" there's too much going on here. This song is dynamic and conveys a lot of movement, which wouldn't fit for scenery music.

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Jesus man. FCP is so damn good!

Achyut Mujoo

Hey, Scotty. Jesus, man!

Joana Ramos

I read Futebol Clube do Porto. Sorry, I´m Portuguese.


the only good song they made lol

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