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初めて描いた Tokyo という光は
揺らめいていた きっとそれはただ震えていたから
何かが産まれて どこかが壊れ

愛が枯れている 優しくなりたい
誰なら許せる 嬉しい私を
もっと抱きしめて 優しくされたい
誰にも届かない 悲しい私は

三日好きでも 五日であきる

夢が滑り出す どこへ向かうのか
この街じゃもしかしたら どこまでも行きつく
Tokyo という場所 声は届くかも
明日の朝 青山通りを 歌で染めてみよう
もっと抱きしめて 歌を抱きしめて
ここしか出会えない あなたに出会えない



Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Tokyoという理由 by globe describe the loneliness and isolation that can be felt within the bustling and energetic city of Tokyo. The opening lines describe the beauty of the city, with the lights shining brighter than the stars, but also suggest a sense of vulnerability through the trembling of the lights. The city is presented as a place where something new can be born, but also where things can be broken down.

The chorus of the song expresses a longing for love and tenderness, and the feeling of being unable to connect with anyone. The singer desires to be held and treated with kindness, but also feels that they cannot reach anyone else. The verses explore the city further, with the mundanity of buying flowers and the fleeting nature of love, suggesting a sense of transience and impermanence within the urban landscape. The final lines suggest a desire to find connection and meaning through music and art, a way to color the city with emotion.

Overall, the song captures the complex feelings of disconnection and longing that can be experienced within a big city like Tokyo, while also recognizing its beauty and potential.

Line by Line Meaning

?????? Tokyo ?????
The light of Tokyo, which I first drew,

is far brighter than the stars,

and it flickered uncontrollably, maybe because it was trembling just a little bit inside.

Something was born, and something broke down,

building up my solitude.

If I walk on the expressway,

I can become famous for a day,

Love has withered away; I want to be kind,

Can someone approve of the happy me,

I want to be held more and treated kindly,

The sad me, who cannot reach anyone,

In a flower shop in the shade of a building where the wind blows,

I buy Gerberas to decorate my room,

Whom shall I show this moment to?

Even if I love it for three days, I'll get sick of it after five days.

The dream slips away; where is it heading?

In this city, maybe it can go anywhere,

Tokyo ????????????
In this place called Tokyo, my voice may reach someone,

Tomorrow morning, let's try to color Aoyama Street with a song,

Hold me more and embrace the song,

I only meet you here, and I can't meet you anywhere else.

Let's search for monochrome memories,

Arriving in Tokyo, lost,

This is the kind of thick solitude like mud,

Inappropriate smiles on my back, like skull,

So I took out my past,

And the lost/followed path,

It cannot be helped anymore,

Tokyo, where you can't hide anywhere.

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