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Be Like Bros
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Broc White

Itsxmusic still bumping this. people sleep


this whole tape is crazy my mans is such a good artist I love finding rappers where I gotta take notes & can actually draw inspiration into my own perspectives & content based on how well theirs resonates with me. Its few and far between, honestly.


Smooth vibes!!!

Tell Me Something

I don't know who Voorhees is, but the man can produce. Good mix from Toxsikk too. Track smooth.

Quixotic PJ

Bruh, you don't k ow who trade is? Get on that, thank me later

Nash Snyder

Chasing hoop dreams/
Had to get his shots up that was routine/
Left the city went and played for a few teams/
Made a few moves/
Won a few rings/
Kawhi Leonard type vibes 🔒❄🖐💯💪🐐

Nash Snyder

@Itsxmusic Wow!! That is an awesome story!! I love those verses, been listening to it all playoffs rooting for my raptors thank you for replying and making the best music out there 💯


Nash Snyder funniest part about that, my brother played at UNM when Kawhi was at San Diego State in the same conference.. they played against each other a bunch of times so I got to watch Kawhi in college.. I never thought he was going to be THIS good lol but my brother would always say after the games.. that kid is STRONG lol

TFM June


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