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You Know the Name
itsxmusic Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'You Know the Name' by these artists:

J. Flue I don't got chains I don't got rings No ay hold up I…
T.I. feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy I just thought I'd let you know That although I'm far I'm…

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Luc Watanabe

Itsxmusic MOST UNDERRATED Rapper ever WTF!

Tylar Resendez

Still, hands down the best rapper alive. No question.


@Devan Bishop you dont get it, he has GOAT qualities & they will be expressed before his time is up no question

Devan Bishop

I found x on some cypher with daylyt. X killled that shit! Great artist forsure. I enjoy listening to you bro! Daylyt is nice too, love his subject matter and word play, keep killin shit!

Devan Bishop

Uhhh... Rakim, Rza, GFK, kool g rap, royce, elizhi, etc. Their lyricsm is more complex, their story telling is on another level, their flow is unmatched. I mean X is super dope, but he's not goat..

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Tim Phillips


Christian Burback

Theee most underrated rapper O.A.T. 🔥🙌🏼💥💯💯💯

Luc Watanabe

Most Underrated Rapper Ever!


Man, Spotify just punched me in the neck with this joint. Brooooooo...."Never get out of my hand, s*** I'm ambidexterous/It get handled either way, I just won't accept it/". CRUSHED. Keep millin' homie.

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