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Insight XIV Solo piensa en tu vida... Las cosas buenas que te han…

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I absolutely love how you can hear the creaking wood

Julien Marchal


Jace Ashton

I have a dark vision for my future, I see myself either becoming a criminal or going into the military because there's nothing else I can do. Your music is making me want to pick up the piano again, my greatest talent I have just forgotten for a while. Thank you for what you do, I'm sure I'm not the only one inspired by your art.

Julien Marchal

Go for it! Play!

Amy Tanabe

There's always something to do. Even if it is just sitting in front of the piano and banging out some chords and notes and trying to get out the feelings in your head onto the keys.


You are not making music, you're making poetry... I'm enchanted with every of your songs. They are so melancolic, i love it ! Thank you for this art !

Julien Marchal

Oh... So beautiful message. Thank you!


You're Welcome ! Supports from France ! :)

Adrien Veau

Il est français 😉

Francesco Berta

Discovering your music made my day. Also, we apparently have the same monitor stands, and that made my day too. 

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