Insight XVIII
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Insight XIV Solo piensa en tu vida... Las cosas buenas que te han…

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I love your music man!

Julien Marchal

Thank you!

Djavattt Djavatttov

Слушаю это чудо на протяжении 4-лет, и эта классика до сих пор моя любимая(Julien, Thank you for this best relax 🎶)


Julien, thank you so much for this piece. I didn't know you until I watched Ray Donovan, and there was your music, and it struck me like lightning, this piece, there is a vibe in this melody, melancholy and yet hope that brings me to tears. I just ordered your album. Thank you for bringing these wonderful music vibes into the world.


Thank you Julien =)

Julien Marchal

Bess1201 thank you really much! For the picture, you need to ask David Bross (Noise Chamber) on Facebook. ;)


Julien, after receiving the CD version of "Insight II" (and I truly love every single piece on it) I've got a question: where is the cover photo with the polar bear from? Is this to find somewhere or is it a private photo? warm regards, Bess


Thank you Julien, I love both "Insight"- albums and I am looking forward to hearing into whatever you create next. You have a precious gift being able to induce such emotions in others, and it's nice you gift it to the world.

Julien Marchal

Ohhhh. Thank you so much! You find everything I putted in this piece. Hope is, sometimes, the most difficult thing to create. ;) for my albums to follow me.
Thank you really really much. I'm creating a new album now...
All the best,

tim lee

this is one of my favourite songs makes my heart swell and has turned me into a real classical music fan. thank you so much.

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