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Insight XIV Solo piensa en tu vida... Las cosas buenas que te han…

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Chris Germundson

The girl walks on the column in foglight,
She ponders her past, thinking in hindsight,
Back in those moments, it all felt so right,
Even if she tried with all of her might,
She can never go back to all those nights,
When she did those things with such oversight,
Not realizing it was false delight,
Not grasping the future, only that night,
Remembering she was foolish outright,
She needs to free herself of all the fright,
To begin again, a torch to relight,
Dim fog rolls over, she senses a fight,
Her spiritual flower feuds the blight,
The end is the beginning, blurred insight.

Thank you for reading, and thank you +MrSuicideSheep for uploading this incredible song. You have no idea how much your uploads help me. <3

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I hope you guys can use this beautiful piece of music to reflect on your life and figure out how you can change yourself for the better. I strongly feel that we all need to look inwards instead of constantly finding fault with others. If every one of us tried to be a little more kind and loving every single day it would make the world of difference.

Peace and love to all of you <3

Liam Bailey

I'm late to your channel but I can't thank you enough for the supportive comments and amazing playlists. Thank you.

Jana Remešová

Peace and love Sheepy ❤

Mish Sams

MrSuicideSheep You are like the universe

Q, ,

I like it, it adds a little something special + its in a good pace.

Zakkery LaBonte

Cripzore_ this is actually the piano squeaking because it was a standing concert piano. The wood creaks along with ever key press.

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Scott E.

There is a lot of beauty, heavy emotions, struggle, hope, and lastly the feel of another world. The thing I like about this song in particular is that it feels like we're exploring the world of emotions, or in the case of the title Insight XX we explore our own minds. We would search for happiness, empowerment, memories, motivation, or possibly the cause of our sadness, depression, mistakes, so on. The mind leads us through a journey of memories, emotions, to confront fears and seek our own resolve. The image used in this song is fitting in terms of symbolism, mood, imagery, possibly even setting but it may not be the case. This is another one of the great things you've uploaded Sheepy, hopefully it increases self esteem and independence among your viewers, subscribers or listeners whatever they may be.

Umme Saima

What you said it 100 percent correct and I agree

Paige Rowley

+Scott E. Wolfrey ok thanks I will look around for it. But honestly, that's seriously skillful, for only listening to it once and being able to express your emotions so coherently is quite a gift. If you don't already you should take up writing.

Tim Hout

+Julien Marchal your musjc has so much, i musten them constantly. thanks!

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