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Insight XIV Solo piensa en tu vida... Las cosas buenas que te han…

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Chris Germundson

You see the world, in the fading skylight,
Near you, I sense movement in your eyesight,
I'm here, yet your vision is oversight,
Your glance escapes me, a moving searchlight,
Something's troubling you, the air feels tight,
Silence has never been so loud tonight,
Countless things to say, but nothing feels right,
I feel fire within, burning spotlight,
Suddenly I'm perked, my shoulders upright,
Words in my throat I know will cause a fight,
To break the air, my passion to relight,
As you stand there, your eyes searching twilight,
I gather my strength, heart beats all its might,
"The end is the beginning, blurred in-sight."

Thank you for reading my poem, and thanks Julien Marchal for another insightful song :)


This reminds me of my grandmas death.

The subtle background tapping in the beginning of the song must be the raindrops and the footsteps of the passing doctors and patients she heard, when she was laying in her bed at the hospital all alone. Her remembering all the joyful moments of her youth, the day she met my grandfather, the day she gave birth to my mother and her two sisters and the day I came to exist and she could meet me after waiting 9 months for it to do so. But also how she had to flee from war as a young girl, coming to a new country, struggling to learn the new language, socialise herself and establish a family of her own again as a complete stranger.

And just when the sounds slowly start to fade out and her heartbeat comes to an end, she comes to one last uproar, the footsteps of the doctors rushing in and the raindrops one the window raised back to full volume as she fought her last fight, as she comes to the realisation that there is nothing to fight about and gives in peacefully.
Her being in complete harmony and at peace about her life, passing away with a smile on her face.
All the hardships she had to pass through, to only grow stronger as a human being, the greatness of heart she showed toward others and the endless warmth and kindness she had to give, made her the woman I looked up to my entire life.

Damn, I miss her.

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Peter Gergely

Listening to this with my eyes closed was a fantastic experience. Thank you!

Aviion Music

Sundays could always use a bit of insight. Hope everyone had a great weekend x

Samuel G.

Iglis1999 Same here man. And Christmas didn't feel right either.


Iglis1999 it's called getting old




hope you had one but for being out of school just doesnt feel right it just doesnt feel like summer to me this year or the year before...


Hope you had a great weekend too bud 🔥

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Is there any instrument that can create more touching and beautiful music than the piano?
I am utterly at peace listening to this ❤️

Ajit Kumar


M.D. new Alomdsac

+Ali Prime xxx

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